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Steppe by Steppe
A slow journey through Mongolia

By Gill Suttle


Four good legs are better than two lousy ones. So if you have an incapacitating illness, incurably itchy feet and an affinity for horses, what better country to make for than Mongolia, where horses outnumber people and have supported the nomadic lifestyle for 3000 years?

In this country of contradiction and paradox, though, live horsepower may still be more elusive than the mechanical sort... if rather more reliable. Making the best of whichever’s available, Gill Suttle sets out to discover whether, for some at least, there is hope of a life after - even during - the destructive illness ME.

But what of life after Communism? Is this land, from which the Mongol hordes of Genghis Khan once exploded to conquer empires, faring better or worse under the new lesson of democracy than the many other satellites of the former USSR? Exploring the diverse layers of Mongolian society together with the immense and varied landscapes, the author encounters a tough and resilient people making the best of hard times. From Yuppie wannabes in the capital, Ulaan Baatar, nomads of the ancient reindeer culture on the borders of Siberia, Titans in the wrestling arena and others come many stories of determination and success - such as the dramatic resurgence of the Buddhist faith, and the reintroduction of the endangered, prehistoric Przewalski Horse to its native land.


Paperback: 256 pp
12 colour photographs


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