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Geldy on the World Wide Web


Radio Free Europe; Radio Liberty - Amnesty Warns Jailed Turkmen Ex-Official Being Denied Urgent Medical Care - 29th January 2014.

Geldy by A.S. Klimuk, at the Beknazar Blog on 6th September 2005

Amnesty International - Turkmenistan The clampdown on dissent and religious freedom continues, with reference to Geldy (see paragraph headed "Clampdown on political dissent") - 3rd May 2005

Repression and Regression in Turkmenistan: A New International Strategy, ICG Asia Report N°85, 4 November 2004 (pdf file)

Reference to Geldy and his family, page 5 of the report (note, this is on page 11 of the pdf file)

US Department of State - Country Reports on Human Rights Practices, Turkmenistan

2004 (published Feb 2005) refers to Geldy's arrest

2002 (published March 2003) refers to Geldy's arrest

Turkmenistan's Tenth Anniversary of Independence Celebrations
by Ruth Staines at the website of Akhal
A trip to Turkmenistan in October 2001, before Geldy's arrest.

At the website of the Turkmen Helsinki Fund:


"...The authorities have carried out politically motivated demotions, dismissals from workplaces and have imprisoned numerous senior officials in recent years. For example, the prisoner Geldy Kyarizov, former director of the Government Association Turkmenatlary (Turkmen Horses), was reportedly caught up in the clampdown on senior government officials. There are allegations that the charges against him were fabricated, and that the true reason for targeting him was that he fell out of the President’s favour. He was sentenced to six years’ imprisonment by Ashgabat city court in April 2002 on charges including “abuse of office” and “negligence”. Amnesty International is concerned at reports that his health has dramatically deteriorated due to dismal prison conditions. Reportedly, he lost 30 kilograms while in prison, suffered a heart attack, and has been denied appropriate medical treatment. He is currently held in a prison colony in the eastern town of Seydi."


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