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Human Rights in Turkmenistan

Human Rights in Turkmenistan - (material supplied by Sara Drake, Ph D, of the USA)

Jail Conditions in Turkmenistan (material supplied by Sara Drake, Ph D, of the USA)

News Items

4th Jan 2007
Press Release from Human Rights Watch
"(New York, December 21, 2006) – The successor to President Sapurmurat Niazov of Turkmenistan, who died on December 21, should make it a priority to turn around that country’s disastrous human rights record, Human Rights Watch said today. It also called on the government in the interim to take such measures as the immediate release of political prisoners. "

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15 Sep 2006
Press Release From OSCE
OSCE Chairman calls for investigation into death of imprisoned Turkmen journalist.

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30 May 2006
From the The Washington Times
" Turkmen President Saparmurat Niyazov's political repression and economic misrule have left his poor Central Asian country ripe for exploitation by Islamic radical movements, dissidents and human rights activists warned last week.

"It doesn't attract the attention it should in the West, but Turkmenistan is a country near collapse. It is nearing the status of a failed state," said Sergei Kalamytsau, Central Asian program researcher for the New York-based International League for Human Rights..."

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April 2006
Political prisoner released from a psychiatric hospital following action by members of the US Congress
Gurbandurdy Durdykuliev was institutionalized after writing to Turkmen President Saparmurat Niyazov and requesting to hold a demonstration against government policies. He spent more than two years in a psychiatric hospital and now intends to file a lawsuit against the Government of Turkmenistan for five million dollars. He credits his release on the action of 54 members of the US Congress who sent letters to President Niyazov in April calling for his release.

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US Department of State - Country Reports on Human Rights Practices, Turkmenistan

2004 (published Feb 2005) refers to Geldy's arrest

2002 (published March 2003) refers to Geldy's arrest

Amnesty International - Turkmenistan The clampdown on dissent and religious freedom continues, with reference to Geldy (see paragraph headed "Clampdown on political dissent" )

Repression and Regression in Turkmenistan: A New International Strategy, ICG Asia Report N°85, 4 November 2004 (pdf file)

Links to human rights reports for Turkmenistan at (Amnesty International etc.)

Human Rights Watch reports on Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan Helsinki Foundation

United Nations: Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights

Professor Bayefsky has published extensively in the field of human rights

The United Nations Human Rights Treaties - Turkmenistan


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